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Everything You Need To Know About Technology Essay – Essay About Technology

What is technology for you? Is it a way of living a modern lifestyle or the medium of convenience? Psychologically, each person perceives things differently, for many of us, technology is not more than living a luxurious yet modern lifestyle, and for few, it’s just a matter of making life free from hurdles.

900+ Words Essay On Technology For Students

The word technology can be evaluated on many bases; just like every other story where there are positive and negative characters, the tale of technology has two perspectives too. Where it’s a lifestyle, modernism, medium of ease on the same side, it is treated as a source of negativity as well. Many authors have debated that modern time technology is more a piece of distraction and destruction for the upcoming generation, and others have treated technology as the source of saving human energy. What’s your opinion by the way? We would love to know!

Are you procrastinating your assignment? We know writing an essay on technology is troubling you! What you are going to write and how you are going to sound on your paper? Are you in against or in fall? All these questions might be captivating your mind and stopping you from starting your writing process. These not-so-cleared thoughts might be putting you in the horizons of anxiety. Relax! We can help you from being drowned into this confusing pool of essays. Just focus on what we are saying and follow the guidelines accurately.

On what side you are standing?

The positivity and negativity are like two parallel lines in essays; not meant to be together! Although you can touch both the points but, still to take a standing position, you need to choose one line. Decide what you are going to portray, the downside, or the positive side of technology? Once you have decided on your position, start your research!

Various categories of Technology

In technology, there are different types that you can focus on. Make a selection according to your word count and limitations. Such as, there is creative technology, assistive technology, industrial technology, and the list goes on and on! Do you know? There is one more exciting thing about writing on technology. Sometimes you do not have to race your thoughts to decide whether to write in fall or against, because the majority of the time the type itself narrates its benefits or negativities. See, how amazingly a single word “technology” can be patterned holistically.

Let’s quote an example to clear this picture. Suppose you are instructed to write on the type of industrial technology, what you think? Is a technological revolution in the industry falls more in the prospects of benefits or negativity? If you know the answer, this means you are on the right track! When it comes to talking on creative technology such as the internet, social platforms, mobile phones then well, we all know the answer!

Proportions of Technology and Nature

Nature and technology are those factors which appear as in direct proportion with each other. You cannot separate these two terms; technology and nature. Instead, try to make a balanced proportion between technology and nature. Always remember that there are two types of people living in this era; the ones who are too much indulged in the technology that they have almost forgotten the charm of nature and then there come those reluctant to use technology and hesitate to expose it.

You need to be balanced and unbiased. Try to make a strike in the mind of your audience with fair statements. When writing your essay, whether in the negative or positive tone, make sure to give it a balanced look and feel.

Relativity between Science & Technology

First of all, you all need to steer clear one thing that technology is the invention of scientific formulas or concepts. Before you start writing an essay on technology, make sure to know everything about it. The technology itself is not a science; you could say it is based on scientific thoughts.

The critical and foremost thing to do in your technology essay depicts the relativity between science and technology. If you are writing on the microtechnology- it assists the work and findings of a scientist, then you need to tell your audience how the scientists and technologists work together for the invention of modern tech. Do not forget to keep a visible difference between technologists and scientists. Take these words as friendly advice for your paper writing, specifically on technology.

Feel free to contribute

To give your contribution by presenting your conclusion, expertly covered in the piece of advice. Do not hesitate! Even if you are in favor of a particular use of technology, pen down a piece of thought-provoking advice for your readers. It could be a technique of handling a specific niche of technology that can give the best yet effective outcomes, or either you can tell in what ways a particular invention can be diverse for other purposes. The style of offering any advice to the audience is considered highly appreciated in technological essay writing. How you portray a piece of advice gives an impression of your expertise, to your audience. So, feel free to give one advice in your concluding paragraph at least.

Now, you do not need to procrastinate your paper. We have instructed you with all dos and don’ts of writing an essay on technology. The presented guideline is enough to take a striking start in your paper writing. Start your writing process without any hesitation!

Best Technology Essay Topics By Expert Writers

There are many topics for technology essays, and students can choose any of them for your college assignment. Remember one thing, that technology is evolving from time to time, and students in their colleges or universities are bound to write essays about technology.
We have written five of the best technology essay topics on which you can write about your university essays.

  1. The Impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on consumer behavior.
  2. Pros and Cons of Social Media Networks as a Business Owner.
  3. Role of advanced technologies in Industrialization.
  4. Blockchain Technology in Health System.
  5. Rolo of Technology in Advancement of Our Educational System.