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Guide To Write A Literary Analysis Essay

After the equations of mathematics, essays are the second foremost thing that puts students in real trouble. Essays are not less than crossing puddles of the deep ocean- your one wrong move and there you are, all drowned! On the same side, you cannot pass out the college without crossing these puddles. What to do now?  Lets us help you out!

You can ease all the difficulties through one tactic, and that is learning. Yes! This is the only way to turn your twisted tunnels into a smooth path. Just like you get on some formulaic tricks to solve your mysterious mathematic equations, similarly to write essays, there are some tricks and tips too.

You know what? It is not the writing which struck you; these are the misconceptions which keep you captivated in its web, make it clear first! You must know on what type of essay you are writing and what pattern of structure that particular type demands.

We are taking ‘literary analysis essay’ as a type to clear your thoughts and to compose a strong foundation for writing this type of essay. Since we all know that before starting up any process, it is necessary to understand its basics; therefore, know the factual meanings of ‘literary analysis’ first. Well, there are two terms collaboratively written- literary and analysis. The literary analysis essay means, keenly evaluating a piece of literature and then demonstrating the analysis of connecting parts, present in the literature.

You had done literary analysis many times before when your instructor asked you to write a summary of your favorite storybook. Well, that’s exactly what we call literary analysis but, at the college level, you need to add in some more essay-ingredients to it- properly structured and based on all must-to-have requirements. Give a glance to the following guidelines.

Topic research

In case if your teacher has left these topic things to decide by yourself, then consider this as the best yet golden opportunity. When you write on something you admire, you write better and confidently. So, if you are required to search your topic then go for the one which you have an interest in.  Do not be too stunted to try on something you don’t like, until or unless you are a native writer. Besides this, instead of being too much focused on how to write a literary essay, first emphasize on which topic to write your essay. If you can create a title of your interest, then get ready, go with the flow. Search on your favorite literary genre, author, and book before you select your topic.



What impression you give to your audience matter a lot. We all know how an introduction in an essay looks like, but one thing which many of you don’t know is, your introduction must be written in complete flow with associated hooking factors. What is the purpose of writing when you are unable to connect your audience? For whom you are writing? So, make sure you have a strong tone to keep struck your audience in the very first impression.

Another thing, your introduction must-have is a relevant yet coherent thesis statement. You must tell your audience what the intention of writing an essay and on what aspects you will be shedding light is. No one likes to read hundreds of words without knowing what features the author is writing. Also, do not choose the factors which create difficulty in the research process. Go for the ones on which you can easily get your access to information.

Analyze the sources

This is the most crucial phase of writing. You must be thinking about how to do literary analysis when you are only writing on your review of the literature.  Well, this is how you are being tricked, it’s simple! You need to have a critical analysis of the reviews of different authors. One more thing in which students show a little negligence is by not analyzing the related topic. Not necessarily, all of the writers have shed light on the same topic you are patterning. So, before wasting your time and energy, read the abstract or the thesis statement of the paper properly.

Do your analysis on the following basis, what is the tone of a writer? How much validity in the paper is presented? Is the writer able to convey his/her message to the audience? The given statement is provided with relevant sources or not? Is the argument strong enough to be analyzed?  These are a few basic points which you should consider while performing your analysis task.

Body of the essay

Now it comes to pour the crux of the essay! The first paragraph of your body essay must include the topic sentence or main idea because this is how you prepare your audience for the subsequent information. Secondly, to give a strong look and feel makes sure that you are supporting your opinion with strong evidence or source. Without evidence, it would be difficult for your audience to get in agreement with your statement or opinion. Assure that you are supporting your idea with several relevant sources.

Be your commentator! Once you are done with the evidence part, get ready to jump on the details. Write a perfect- not too dragged, neither too précised description, to tell your audience how you presented argument, and the cited sources are relevant. Compare and contrast! Tell on what basis you stand at different horizons or what the mutual factors you and other authors have in the given argument or idea.


For many, the conclusion is the most difficult phase. Though, the best trick to conclude the essay is by giving a shot of flashback. In your conclusion, take back your audience to the introduction where you presented your thesis statement. Tell your reader whether your predictions show a green signal or either your assumptions were not right. Also, give leave pieces of advice or the opinion to make you are concluding part hooking, through your readers, get an impression of validity. When you leave words of suggestions, it seems like you have had a critical and keen analysis.  Last and not least, work at your optimum level and do not let this last chance of persuading your audience.

Ever considered the following things while writing an essay? Now you understand why it was difficult for you to do an analysis or to write an essay? Things eventually get difficult when you don’t know the tricks. So, work smartly and instead of being too traditional, get tricky!