Texting While Driving Essay – Writing Tips By EssayDone UK

Texting while driving is a pressing issue that modern society is affected by. Smartphones are a necessity and it is increasingly difficult to put them down when everything from communication to maps is on them. These apps make life so much easier, however, texting and driving is a major hazard for all present in the vicinity.

Therefore, an effective texting and driving argumentative paper should point out the dangers of driving while focusing on the phone. Use the content to deliver the message in a manner convincing enough for the audience. It is essential to clarify how harmful cell phone use while driving can be for the driver and the people around them. Here are some tips to write an essay that encompasses this important topic.

Analyze the consequences

The first thing you will need to do is to observe the topic from every angle to determine the consequences. There must be strong arguments to stand against the practice of texting and driving.

Writing structure

Use a standard essay writing structure and write in a logical manner. For that, you will need to start with an introduction, move to the main body and then sum it up in a strong conclusion.

Texting and Driving Thesis Statement

Do some thinking about the issue you will be discussing. List down some points you end up with and then write a thesis statement. The thesis should be highlighting the seriousness and importance of the issue. Your objective is to provide authentic facts that will convince the reader why should texting and driving be illegal. Insist that the problem actually exists and drivers should be taking preventive measures for it.

The statement of your driving and texting essay should be effective enough to capture the audience’s attention. Involve the reader in the topic to make them read further on. Present the idea in one or two powerfully worded sentences. This is the part where you reflect your personal opinion about the issue at hand.

Use illustrative materials

Use additional material like real-life examples or statistics to get further on the topic. The final part is to explain your own opinion and sum up your work with a powerful statement. Do your research and then include information that displays your knowledge about the subject. For example, you can start by giving the statistics of the number of people who expire annually due to car crashes while texting. Keep your introduction brief yet informative and engaging.

The body of the Essay

This body holds crucial arguments that will take your topic forward. It should, therefore, be structured in a concise and clear way. The language used should be simple and comprehensive for any reader to follow. Be sure that each paragraph is logically connected to the next and the one before it. Each of your body paragraphs should have an argument consisting of a new thought. Also, you must reveal any connected aspects of the topic within the body. Provide counter-arguments also which you can refuse to show the validity of your own points.

Texting While Driving Essay Conclusion

Let no one convince you of the false assumption that writing a conclusion is easy for any topic. But it becomes much less complicated if you are familiar with the method. The secret behind an impactful conclusion is summing up all the ideas discussed. Gather your arguments together and bring them into a conclusive whole.

However, that is just one part of the conclusion. The real purpose is to persuade the audience that you have done a fine job of presenting your case. Your final sentences should motivate the users to take action or at least change their views. Where texting and driving is concerned, it is an issue that affects everyone so it should be easier to make people understand it. Here we have provided a sample UK Essay conclusion to erase any confusion you might have.

Sample Conclusion of Texting and Driving Essay

Everything is on a fast track in modern-day. People are used to doing daily activities on the go. Schedules are hectic that we are struggling to do multiple tasks. But there are circumstances when certain things should not be mingled. Driving and texting come under that category. Here are some tips for getting rid of your phone addiction while driving:

  • Put your phone or any electronic device into silent mode.
  • Breathe deeply when you feel the urge to check up on your messages.
  • Refrain also from using wireless devices. They might free your hands but will still be occupying your attention.

Keep in mind that by being a responsible citizen, you can save your own and many other lives.

These were all the tips we had in store for you for writing an impressive essay. All you need to do is focus on the topic and follow the given techniques.