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How to Start a Persuasive Essay – Detailed Guide 2021

The first paragraph of an essay is one of the most crucial elements when it comes to writing a paper that is meant to wow your teacher or readers. Starting a persuasive essay with a weak introduction is bound to make your reader lose interest even if the rest of your work is perfect.

Do not lose hope though by thinking it is too difficult a task to take on, as this guide will give you a complete rundown of how to write A-grade worthy persuasive essay introductions.
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How to Begin a Persuasive Essay?

The introduction is the necessary part of any type of writing and a persuasive academic paper is no exception to that rule. It aims at representing the topic and arguments you make to the readers and triggers the interest to read the rest of the paper.
For these reasons, the introductory paragraph must have a clear structure and purpose. If executed correctly, the introduction can have a major effect on the final grading of your paper. After stating the importance of a well-planned introduction, without further ado, we will divulge into the details.

Why is an introduction needed?

There are several reasons for that:
• It is the only chance the writer has to grab the audience’s interest. As we all know, first impressions are the last.
• The introduction lays the foundation for the thesis statement and provides the reader with an idea of what to expect in the rest of the essay.
• It also serves to reflect your writing style. The quality of your work is conveyed immediately to the reader and will help them decide whether they want to read it further.

Key Parts of an Introduction

Certain elements are required when one has to form the introductions:
• Address the basic problem that your essay is based upon so readers can comprehend the context.
• Secondly, focus upon introducing the position you hold when it comes to the thesis statement. To do that you need to give an overview of the main issue that the essay will cover.
• And lastly, there needs to be an overview of the argument itself to make clear the direction it’s heading towards for a smooth transition to the body of the persuasive essay.

Writing a Persuasive Essay’s Introduction

As the name of the essay suggests, you need to make the introduction as persuasive as possible to make the audience want to read more. Here are the steps that will help you in becoming a master of essay introductions.

1. Reflect upon the topic

Instead of rushing headfirst into writing, spend some time thinking carefully about the topic to determine what knowledge you have about it and the position you will take on it. Also, map out the arguments you will be using along with the questions going to be answered in your academic paper.

2. Choosing a relevant hook

A “hook” refers to the first couple of sentences that comprise an essay introduction that has the job of capturing the attention of the reader. There are many types of essay hooks, but it can be hard to select one that is most relevant, specifically if you don’t have a clear thesis at that point.
In the case of a persuasive essay, the hook can be an intriguing question, a surprising definition or fact, a fitting quote, or some statistical fact. Once the hook is ready, it is time to transition the main topic of the paper.

3. Providing background

You can choose an essay hook that is a part of a broader background to create a sense of context. However, avoid sharing the main arguments or any proofs and evidence in this part. Those are best left for the body of your paper.

Final Words

Here we have a complete overview of how to put together an attention-worthy introduction to a persuasive essay. The key point to remember is that your introduction needs to shed a brief glance over the thesis and your topic on the whole. All you need to do is brainstorm about your topic, craft an engaging paper hook, avoid using statements or words that are too cliché and you are good to go. It is important to explore ways in how you can use your introduction and pull the readers in and entice them towards the topic you are writing. It may sound daunting, but once you are following these steps you will not ever find yourself clueless about how to begin an essay.